The self adhesive wallpapers is one of the latest fashion trends, suggesting the coverage of interior and exterior surfaces with photos/images of your choice. Wallpapers can satisfy every professional and decorative requirement.

The self adhesive wallpapers are used for decorating non-porous surface such as wall, drywall, kitchen cabinets, closets, furniture, stairs or wherever there is a desire of artistic intervention.

The self adhesive wallpapers are made of special adhesive material (vinyl), textured glossy or matte. They are covered with a transparent coating, so as to obtaining durability without changing color or being torn. Wallpapers may be washed with ordinary detergents.

Materials that are used are fire retardant and they keep by 100% regulations of buildings and interior spaces (EN 13501-1 2007)

The self adhesive wallpaper is printed in any size, according to the needs of each customer.

Wallpapers are installed by our own specialized technicians.

The adhesive vinyl for floor surfaces  – floor graphics suggest a modern interior design.

Floor graphics can be placed in homes, shops, showrooms, malls, super markets, playing courts, museums or wherever you would like to advertise or decorate.

The floor graphic is digitally printed, coated with rubber film so that it is waterproof and durable to use. It can be cleaned with ordinary detergents.

The adhesive vinyl for floor surfaces may be placed on tiles, terrazzo, parquet, laminate or even on asphalt

Floor graphics are installed by our own specialized technicians.

Vehicle wrapping materials are digitally printed for a complete customized vehicle wrapping. Vehicle wrap is a very successful way of advertising your business, products or services. Vehicle wrap also creates a stylish and distinctive look for any vehicle, coming in a huge variety of colors.

It can be quickly and easily applied transforming any vehicle into a moving  advertisement.

Regardless your vehicle’s size or type, it may be wrapped in a customized way, so as to promote your business in the best possible way.