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Promote the values of your company through digital prints on peel & stick wallpapers or photo wallpapers and transform a simple wall into a unique canvas which inspires both employees and customers.

Peel & stick wallpapers are among the latest trends in decoration, dictating the coverage of surfaces in the interior and exterior of buildings with digital photos. They correspond to the needs of modern decorators, designers, advertisers and professionals who want to create a space with a distinct personality.

The main advantage of peel & stick wallpapers is their easy application, even on difficult spots, such as walls with several corners, as well as doors. At Bellos, we go for photo wallpapers made of vinyl as they are easy to apply, even on curved surfaces.

They are easy to clean with plain detergents, with their colour remaining intact, and they are particularly resistant to normal wear and tear. They are covered with a transparent satin layer and are available with either a glossy or matte finish.

The materials we are using are slow-burning and comply 100% with the regulations for buildings and interior spaces (EN 13601-1 2007). And for your convenience, we also provide the service of wallpaper installation by our own specialized crew.


Peel & stick wallpapers which inspire both employees and customers.

Vinyl peel & stick wallpapers are used mostly as decoration on non-porous surfaces, such as walls, plasterboards, kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, furniture, staircases or wherever else there is the chance for an artistic intervention. They are printed in high definition with eco-friendly inks to the dimension desired and remain vivid both in interior and exterior spaces.

Photo wallpapers are an ideal decoration proposal for reception desks, offices, store interiors, meeting rooms, restaurants and bars.

Create an outstanding professional ambience by “dressing” the walls of your business with colourful graphics, inspired quotes, photos, patterns, maps, murals. At Bellos, we take care of every step of the process, from graphics and photos to digital printing and installation on the walls.

Regardless of the dimensions of the wall or surface you want to highlight, take advantage of the benefits that a photo wallpaper offers and create a visual corporate identity of exceptional aesthetics.


  • Peel & stick wallpaper with matte/glossy lamination
  • Peel & stick paper wallpaper
  • Peel & stick magnetic wallpaper
  • Peel & stick wallpaper with embossed texture
  • Peel & stick fabric wallpaper
  • Peel & stick wallpaper with transparent board for liquid chalk or marker
  • Peel & stick chalkboard for liquid or normal chalk


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